Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miss Australia, Confessing sabotaged

Miss Universe is considered prestius this, it was able to make some kontestannya all of whom are women gracefully, do a little 'naughty' to sabotage his rivals and eventually the title of Miss Universe 2010 falls in the hand.

Penjegalan effort is experienced by Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, who was runner up in this arena Worldwide pageant. He believes one of the contestants do evil intentions against him. Jesinta reveals that there is one competitor who intentionally slipped the number of pins in the dress that will apply from Australia's virgin. These pins piercing the skin on his back and made him wince when he had to walk on pangung the competition last month, as quoted by AFP from dailymail.co.uk.

Flamengonya stylish dress perfectly without his knowledge has become a tool of crime that a jealous rival. Throughout berlenggak-sway using national dress that pulls it, feel the prick Jesinta sharp objects right in the back. "I wear it just in time to be advanced to the stage, then suddenly I felt something pierce my back. While I must soon appear, so I do not have time to check it out." This sweet girl said. "Once completed, I immediately took off the dress and found a number of safety pins pinned in there intentionally," he added.

"Sabotage is a bit harsh, but you have to laugh about it and do not take it too seriously. In fact it gave me a story to tell when I get home," he said, smiling. Physical perfection and intellectual Jesinta herded away with runner-up trophy and beat 82 other state contestants. How sorry contestants who are mischievous, because it may be thanks to the efforts jailnya Jesinta successfully steal the runner-up trophy.

Sandioriva Qory mother went to police

Moment of Idul Fitri day apparently did not make Miss Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva stay in touch with their parents. The mother, Fariyawati, hypnotized by a man believed his son had the initials 'R'. Following up on this suspicion on Tuesday (14 / 9) afternoon, Fariyawati visit Police Headquarters to consult the law.

"I really want to come. Just a consultation just as Head of Public Relations Police Headquarters yesterday about the case. Afraid of nothing, I want to eat out first," he said when contacted Fariyawati reporters in Jakarta, Tuesday (14 / 9).

But his arrival about this, Fariyawati only call a consultation. He has not gone so far to discuss this case in law.

"Later on well. It's just a consultation aja kok. More details will come to the Headquarters aja," said Fariyawati.

Justin Bieber has been disappointing Enthusiasts

No need to doubt if Justin Bieber was invited to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 with the intention to impress the audience. Not surprised to see the preparation he did before singing her song, Baby, at the MTV VMA stage, Sunday (09/12) night in Los Angeles.

Justin's has won Best New Artist award for the song Baby, but if you feel as a fan of Justin when he chose to lipsync when playing in the VMA in 2010?

Just for a moment after his performance at the Nokia Theater where the mat is held annually, the Internet immediately filled with ridicule for his teenage idol. Justin was still dancing and dazzling stage show entertainment, but apparently fans disappointed that Justin chose to record her voice and not sing directly.

Now, these Canadian musicians love to have to deal with the title 'false,' which is much the opposite of all the praise that has been obtained. Indeed this case is not too embarrassing as what has been experienced by Ashlee Simpson on the show Saturday Night Live. At that time, Ashlee first recording of his voice and chose to lipsync. But what is meretricious, recording Ashlee suddenly broken and finally he ran off the stage with a full sense of shame.

Until now, there is still no response from Justin about it. In the opinion of your own?

Yamaha: Rossi Must Honor Contracts

Yamaha boss, Masao Furusawa, personally do not want to hinder Valentino Rossi's desire to do the test with Ducati in Valencia, November 9, 2010.

Rossi had already agreed to join Ducati next season, but six-times MotoGP world champion is only able to leave the Fiat Yamaha at the end of the year.

Yet the Ducati is preparing a test to Rossi after the final series this season's MotoGP in Valencia MotoGP, November 9th 2010. As a result Rossi can not follow the test.

Furusawa, which became one of the key to success for Yamaha's Rossi, asserted himself personally invited the Doctor to perform tests with Ducati. However, Furusawa admitted Rossi collided with contract issues.

"In terms of the contract, he (Rossi) is not allowed to conduct tests over at Valencia. This is not just about Valentino and Yamaha, we had many sponsors and contract, so it is very difficult to convince all parties involved. It is difficult to allow testing at Valencia Valentino , "Furusawa said as quoted by MCN, Monday, September 13, 2010.

"I personally, my fans Valentino and I want to release him into the Ducati over Valencia. But, for now I can not say anything," lid Furusawa.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pamela Anderson Enjoys Teasing British Men

Although never very long relationship with a man from England but Pamela Anderson proved to be more mischievous British men than men from other countries. Perhaps because of long distances Pamela never too old to connect to an Englishman.

"I should more often meet British men. I have some British friends who could be tempted, even though I live too far away from them and could not be more special relationship," Pamela said as quoted from Splash News. Since her divorce from Tommy Lee, Pamela is included are rarely associated with men.

"I hold back and be picky because I was more concentration when treating my children. All must have a definite time but currently I am still busy with my kids," said Pamela Anderson, who now has two children, Brandon and Dylan, from Tommy Lee.

Some time ago, Pamela Anderson really had time to establish an affair with a man but it seems that the relationship did not go well and 43-year-old actress finally had to own it anymore.

Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) in Twittter Sexy Posing

Bunga Citra Lestari during his appearance was identical with the always sexy. And apparently, being pregnant did not become an obstacle for the actress who gained popularity BCL addressed to pose challenging.

Barusaja, with a belly bulge, singer song 'Sunny' sexy photos in this exhibit his twitter account @ bclsinclair. In the photograph, the BCL is seen wearing a baggy white shirt and black shorts. At first glance, casual clothes.

But what is unusual pose. He wore a white shirt unbuttoned. BCL let his shirt open and show a pregnant belly big. Ashraf Sinclair's wife was seen clutching a bulging belly. Not only that, he also showed the backplate. The picture was reminiscent of a similar pose the most famous of Demi Moore in Vanity Fair magazine, as well as the actress was pregnant. BCLmemang very enthusiastic about the pregnancy. She and her husband were getting ready awaiting the birth of their first child. Got word got out, this artist will be giving birth in Malaysia or Singapore. However, Ashraf denied the news. Malaysian man confessed to his wife will give birth in Jakarta. Only, Ashraf did not argue if they just buy baby supplies in Singapore

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Obscene Show Miley Cyrus

Getting older, Miley Cyrus increasingly into the spotlight. Not because his performance but the style of clothes that are considered excessive and was impressed too sexy for her new children's age was 17 years old.

However, Miley does not care. In fact, he grew bolder course in using the clothing worn by him. Miley clothing style which was considered daring when he was not only on stage or video clips, but also in their activities.

While living in Paris, Miley looks look a little sexy. This young artist wearing a dress that makes Miley showing her bra black lace peeking out from behind the clothes were made from thin. Appearances were made ex-star series 'Hannah Montana' This makes people who see it primarily men will have another imagination with scenes of teenage fashion artist.

Miley interests are in Paris is to continue filming her upcoming movie "LOL: Laughing Out Loud '. In this movie, Miley's acting clash
with Ashley Greene. Miley served as a student Lola

Why Malaysia Capture Indonesian Fisherman?

Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia (consulate) in the state of Penang, Malaysia, has sent a letter of request for exemption to the Agent Reinforcement Marin Malaysia (APMM) relating to the arrest of five Indonesian fishermen last week Friday. Consulate General explained that APMM have misunderstood in their capture.

In the letter of indemnity given to APMM is said that the five Indonesian fishermen caught in order to be released. Consul General said that the influx of fishermen into Indonesian waters because of damage to the vessels they use.

"One of the damaged parts of their ships so that ships and sea water leaked into the ship. This damage if not immediately rectified will cause the vessel sank, "said consulate official Consular Functions Penang, Supiyati Dimas, when contacted VIVAnews.com, Tuesday, September 7, 2010.

Supiyati, which has met with the fishermen and said that they are in good condition, said the fishermen who caught claiming their entry into Malaysian waters is a necessity. They do it to obtain help from the Malaysian water police, if not their fate could be worse.

"They have been deliberately enter Malaysian waters to approach the Malaysian police for help. Malaysian police arrested instead on charges of violation of their sea border and held them at the police station until the investigation is completed, "said Supiyati.

According Supiyati, damaged fishing boat will be evidence that the fishermen do not intend to enter Malaysian waters on purpose to get fish. He said that the vessel had suffered damage and now in the dock shipyard Limonga Batu Maung in Penang and will undergo inspection.

"Investigations have been made, the fishermen are detained in police stations are still awaiting the verdict from those investigations," he explained.

According to reports the Malaysian side, the five fishermen origin Langkat, North Sumatra, was arrested on Friday, September 3, at 11:20 o'clock local time in the waters of River Shrimp Village, south Seberang Prai. Initial investigation showed that the fishermen entering Malaysian waters without having the necessary documents.

Engage Sandioriva Qory cult?

Sandioriva Qory mother, Mrs. Fariawati, was unable to hold back tears as he gave information to the media infotainment, that the baby is now hooked cult. Especially after he found the objects 'strange' in the form of ribbons, colorful, toy-like items with odd planks, which he said is used by Qory to perform the ritual.

On occasion, Mrs. Fariawati explained that beloved daughter has affected the flow carried by a person black initials 'R', which he admits has been the introduction of the Qory some time ago. And ever since that introduction, Qory undergo much change in attitude.

Furthermore, each time the mother asked about the 'R', Qory reluctant to answer and visible emotions. So the discussion about it led to strife between the mother and child.

And the climax is when the homecoming contest Qory of Mandalay Bay Resorts and Casino is held in Las Vegas Nevada, USA, on August 23, 2010 then, the virgin beauty of Aceh's origin had not been home.

When Mrs. Fariawati Qory apartments come too, the beloved daughter 'disappear' like the earth swallowed

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Indonesians in Malaysia Flag of Demo-Feces

Democracy Fortress mass Rakyat Indonesia (Flag) called for two million Indonesians living in Malaysia return home to Indonesia as a form of protest against the arrest of members of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries by Malaysian police. However, this is being ignored by the WNI bermatapencarian in the neighbor country.

Most of those states already feel at home living and making a living in Malaysia. Some even have lived many years in Malaysia and is considered Malaysia as their own hometown.

One of the immigrants that are Talhaq Bashir, citizen Medan origin who have lived 25 years in Malaysia. 53-year-old man who sells a secondhand watch in Kampung Datuk title, Kuala Lumpur, has felt the sweetness of this drink provision in Malaysia.

He was reluctant to comply with the request calls for citizen flag home as a form of protest against the Government of Malaysia. Talhaq diplomatically praised the approach taken by President SBY to resolve problems peacefully.

The other is Pariman, men 60 years working in private companies. He said that the actions and calls for Flag of Indonesia does not reflect the attitude of the people related problems. He also condemned the demonstration which Flag judged inappropriate. "The demonstration is part of democratic life in Indonesia, but it should be done in ways appropriate and peaceful," he said as quoted from the pages of The Star.

Most Indonesians working in Malaysia as laborers, domestic servants and laborers, that is embedded in the minds of the citizens of Malaysia. Pariman told that there are some Malaysians are shocked when I discovered that the man was 60 years old was an engineer. They do not think that Indonesians working in Malaysia can also engineer status. "The presumption that I do not mind," he said.

Meanwhile, Apandi, 21 years old, laundry workers in Malaysia for two years, says it does not find a reason to return home. He said that he came to Malaysia through a legitimate way to make a living.

"On Facebook, people back home asked me to come home after a flag of Indonesia had decided to propose a relationship with Malaysia. But my parents asked me to ignore her and take care of myself during the kampong people, "said this gentleman born in Medan.

Thafaul, 25-year, post-graduate students of University of Malaya, said that although there may be Indonesian citizens who agree with the flag, he clung to relations between the two countries should continue. "Deciding the relationship is not a solution. That would only exacerbate the situation. Indonesia and Malaysia have a lot in common and we have the same cultural roots, "he asserted.

Most Indonesians are not affected by this flag according to the Advisory invitation Social, cultural and Information Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, Widyarka Ryananta, is living proof that Indonesian workers have been mature enough to make a choice.

Twitter 145 Million Users

Micro-blogging network Twitter, it seems more and more crowded with the 'chirping' of its members. In an official company blog, CEO Evan Williams, Twitter announced the developments that have occurred since Chirp Developer's Conference that was held last April.

As quoted from the site eWeek, apparently Twitter is a growth of 62 percent, and now, there are more than 145 million people are registered as users of Twitter.

Twitter users from the phone, also recorded an increase of 16 percent. In addition 46 percent of active users, is now also regularly use mobile devices.

According to Williams, the mobile application to prove that the strategy to provide mobile Twitter application on several major platforms, is quite successful. Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for BlackBerry proved to be the fourth and fifth most popular applications that are accessed by the user.

However, Twitter application for Android was not very popular. It is not even included in the list of the Top 10 applications used by Twitter users.

The majority of users still using Twitter from their desktops (78 percent), while accessed through mobile sites are in second place (14 percent) and accessed Twitter via SMS in the third position (8 percent).

The application of the photo to Twitter, TwitPic, ranked six (4 percent) and TweetDeck is ranked number seven (3 percent)

Accessing Facebook Without a Pulse Tips

For you Facebook users, this might be interesting news for you, namely the possibility of accessing Facebook at no charge with free access to data from the service.

Some time ago, Facebook introduced the Facebook Zero with a promising 0.facebook.com address access Facebook from a mobile device data access at no charge to customers of certain operators who cooperate with Facebook.

Well, now there are at least three Indonesian operators are already working with Facebook to be able to deliver access 0.facebook.com, namely 3, AXIS, and Telkomsel. In the near future, any XL customers can also enjoy free access to this Facebook.

If you have access Facebook Mobile (m.facebook.com), 0.facebook.com view was more or less the same. Almost all activity was facebook-ria can be done here at no charge access, such as news feeds meleihat status of your friends, update status, write something on the wall of friends, make comments, as well as read and send messages.
M.facebook.com is different from that through 0.facebook.com, photographs are not shown and provided in the form of a link if you want to see it. It's just that and to remember, when clicking on the link to an image, you will be given a warning that the cost of data access for the image is not free, will be charged the applicable tariff line operator you use. Cost also still be used if access is made to link to the outside address to a page on facebook for example, an article from a website posted by your friends.

When trying to access via Opera Mini 5 of the mobile phone, access to direct 0.facebook.com directed to a page warning that the carrier (operator) that is used does not support 0.facebook.com access. This can be understood that when access is menggunkan Opera Mini then we actually access through the Opera servers first. 're Using the default browser, access to 0.facebook.comdapat done and obviously well informed "Free access by Telkomsel." Practically, when accessing 0.facebook.com and get the message "0.facebook.com is not available from your mobile carrier" despite the use service that supports, then the possibility of browser used does not support them.

Your Facebook users and users of the operator 3, AXIS, and Telkomsel? Please try to access to 0.facebook.com and enjoy access without charge to access.

Religious leaders (Christian-Jewish-Islamic) Hawking Attack

The religious leaders are now busy-busy attacking Professor Stephen Hawking. In his latest book, The Grand Design, the British physicist who was paralyzed and living in a wheelchair it was concluded that the universe is not created by God. "Because there is the law of gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing," Hawking concluded.

Counterattack, no less directly led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams. William Bishop told The Times declared, "Faith in God is not about looking for answers about how one thing correlates with other things in the universe. This is the faith that something is the Most Intelligent and Authorization in which all things in the universe depend on His existence. Science physics course will not be able to solve the mystery of why create something from nothing. "

Other attacks voiced by a number of religious leaders and others as noted in an article in the past Eureka Magazine published by The Times.

One of them came from the Vincent Nichols, Roman Catholic Church leaders in England and Wales, Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi, and Ibrahim Mogra, imam and president of the Muslim Council of England.

"Science is about explanation. ... Religion is about the interpretation of the Gospel simply not interested in exploring how the universe could be created," said Lord Sacks.

Vincent Nichols added: "I fully agree with what you expressed so well by the Chief Rabbi of the relationship between religion and science."

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Mogra from the Muslim Council of England declared: "If we observe the feast of the universe and all things that have been created, it memperlihatakan that there is 'someone' who has made it happen. And this man is the Almighty."

In another book, and the most famous, A Brief History of Time, Professor Hawking does not annihilate the role of God's hand in the creation of the world. As he wrote in the book published in 1988 that: "Finding a complete theory is a major triumph in the life of every human - which for that we need to know the mind of God."

In this latest book, Hawking has rejected the theory of Sir Isaac Newton, who concluded that the universe is not created spontaneously but formed slowly by the Lord. In June this year, Hawking told Channel 4 that he did not believe in God

To the Genius of Britain he also once declared: "The question is: does the beginning of the formation of the universe is determined by God through the reasons we do not understand, or whether it is actually determined by the laws of science? I believe the latter. Or if you prefer, you could call it the law of God 'science', but not by the Lord of the 'personal' can you meet or ask. "

Until retiring last year, Hawking is the Lucasian Professor in the Department of Mathematics University of Cambridge. This prestigious position which was previously carried Newton.

Book The Grand Design, which he wrote together with American physicist, Leonard Mlodinow, will be published Sept. 9

Katy Perry had Hobbies Stealing Hotel Goods

Katy Perry is busy promoting her new album entitled 'Teenage Dream'. Recently, he underwent his tour of France to London.

In that trip, Katy menginapnya always used the time at some fancy hotel by taking a few souvenirs.

Bluntly, he admitted to often steal the pillow from his hotel room. This is expressed when interviewed by BBC radio.

"I'm sorry because last time I stayed at the hotel, I did not get to steal his pillow. I like to steal the pillow, the pillow was not used to other people after me," he said, as quoted from Contact Music.

Not only pillow that become coveted singer hits 'I Kissed A Girl', she also always leave room in the bag to fill it with shampoo and candy existing hotels in the minibar.

"I used to steal things in the hotel bathroom. But not anymore. Back when I was still 17 years, each time staying at a luxury hotel, I always bring home a toothbrush, lotion, shampoo and soap from the hotel bathroom , "he said. (Umi)

Sony to move fast in 3D technology

3D versatile portfolio, including the laptop will be Sony's flagship electronics vendors. The company was showing a prototype 3D video games and laptops him when Elecronics IFA show in Berlin.

This laptop is equipped with 3D buttons and active shutter glasses. This prototype uses a serial technology, the quality of three-dimensional frame is good. "It will be launched in the spring," says Sony CEO Howard Stinger in the event.

The laptop will use the IR Blaster technology that is embedded in it to synchronize with the shutter glasses Bravia. The prototype was shown to have 16-inch display with a frame of the series F. Looks quite nice with a 240Hz LCD 3D capability.

Sony to move fast in 3D technology, including its newest product, the television. Some 3D technology which is also published in the event such as Blu-ray HD DVD player, Playstation 3 game console includes several types of 3D such as Major League Baseball, mortal Kombat, Virtual tennis, 4, Killzone3 and others.

IDC analysts say 3D laptop market currently limited to aficionados and similar products, 3D in general, have a long way to go before becoming mainstrim, "Shim said.

The presence of 3D display technologies on the laptop raise the possibility of a third party developer of 3D applications. Shim noted this is like eggs and chicken, where developers will be reluctant to develop a case that does not exist or whatnot installed, kemungkinana mengoprek be solved with a 3D-based software. Sony has started with the game and suspect other companies are interested in a similar challenge and begin to develop that platform.

Shim also explains the 3D technology more easily implemented on a notebook rather than desktop or laptop. Because the monitors have to have 3D capabilities, such as computers. "I think we all will see all in one pc comes with a 3D look," he said.

Program Director for IDC's Al Hilwa application development, lack of hope at the prospect of 3D technology can be increased in popularity throughout the still include sunglasses as part of the laptop. "An inconvenience when I have to carry more than one body, glasses," he said.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Plans starting HTI Day Burning Alquran

One thousand activists and supporters of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) staged combustion criticized plans by the group of the Koran holy book "Dove World Outreach Center" in the United States. Koran burning plan was made to commemorate the bombing of the World Trade Centre tragedy 11 September 2001.

HTI Action that was held on day 25 of fasting in Ramadan is, takes place in front of U.S. Embassy Building, Jalan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, Saturday, that since the day has been closely guarded by police.

The HTI activists and supporters of this seems to bring a wide range of content posters condemning the Koran burning plan. One of the posters containing the message "Jihad to protect the Quran."

HTI Qur'an strongly condemns the burning plan that is considered a heinous act, not civilized, and extremely humble honor, majesty and holiness of the Koran. This is not only an insult to the sanctity of the Koran, but also an insult against Islam and Muslims worldwide, "said spokesman Muhammad Ismail Yusanto HTI.

Is Indonesian Society civilized Agriculture?

Indonesian society has turned into civilized society than before the agricultural industry, observers said the regional development of Gadjah Mada University, Dr. Sadharto Widyatmoko Djarot. "Rural population in Indonesia tend to be stable in the period 1980-1990 and then declined in the period 1990-2000," Djarot said Sadharto Widyatmoko, in Yogyakarta, Thursday.

Conversely, urban residents Djarot said it showed a sharp increase in the period 1990-2000, and in 2010 the urban population exceeds the rural population. "With these conditions, it can be said that the beginning of the third millennium is the momentum of industrial civilization was formed in Indonesia to leave the agrarian-rural nature of which is the prototype for the Indonesian nation in the early to mid-20th century.

He said that within less than a century, the total urban population in Indonesia has experienced tremendous growth, which is about 30-fold, from three million in 1920 to nearly 90 million people in 2000. "The number of urban population of Indonesia in 2000 was almost equal to the entire population of the two closest neighboring countries, namely Malaysia and Thailand," he said.

According to him, if viewed from the distribution of his room, then the process of urbanization that occurred in Indonesia is concentrated urbanization as more than 85 percent of the population perkotaannya concentrated in Java and Sumatra. "This centralized urbanization process is indeed the result of political and economic policies chosen by the New Order government and the influence of political power, economic and technological development of the world at that time," he said.

Fasting Zubaida and Curse Neighbors

Every Ramadan, Zubaida Jomaa, 44, took his family struggled to break their fast together at least once a week. That was done to give the feel of Islam in the middle of her family. Nuances of Islam, in the middle of the country life tanggo Brazil, is something that expensive.

With the majority of the population are Catholics, Muslims there do not stand out. "I want to see my family sitting together during the holy month," said Zubaida, as written Islamonline.net.

Although living in Western societies, Muslim women wanted to teach his children the meaning of fasting during Ramadan. He explained that children were learning fast since the age of nine. At that time, many neighboring Zubaida which condemned for allowing young children to fast. "But I know what I do according to the religion of Allah and it is good to instill Islamic values to my child," he stated.

During Ramadan, as Muslims in the other hemisphere, Brazil's Muslims dedicate their time to become closer to God. They pray more, to refrain from lusts, and do good deeds. Momentum Ramadan was also used to study the Noble Qur'an. "Ramadan is a month full of grace and blessing in the lives of Muslims anywhere in the world," said Zubaida.

According to the 2001 census, there were 27 239 Muslims in Brazil. However, the Islamic Federation of Brazil puts the number at around one and a half million. The majority of Muslims are descendants of Syrian immigrants, Palestinians and Lebanese who settled in Brazil in the nineteenth century during World War I and in the 1970s. Most Muslims live in the state of Parana, Goias, Riod de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. There is also a significant number of Muslim communities in Mato Grosso do Sul and Rio Grande do Sul.

Muslims in Brazil are still difficulties in teaching Islam to children. One example, parents are generally difficult to teach their children to fast during the holy month. That's because Brazil is still a lot of people who do not understand the religious teachings of Islam. "Many people who criticized and accused of no good to my family, because they do not understand," said Zubaidah.

However, he always teaches that Ramadan is a time of reflection. Muslims feel purely from dirt and make the Muslim fasting behave better. "I'm glad to see my kids thinking about the meaning of Ramadan is the same," lid Zubaida.

Stephen Hawking's theory

Stephen Hawking's theory, that God had nothing to do with the creation of the universe has invited strong reactions from the clergy in England. According to them, Hawking's theory can not be accepted as truth more than anything else to disturb the faith of others.

Head of the Anglican Church, Rowan Williams, Hawking can not accept the argument that the universe could be created without the intervention of God. According to Williams, since the first humans to believe that God created the universe.

"Believing in God is not just filling a gap in explaining how it related to other things in the universe," Williams said in the magazine "Eureka" published by The Times.

"Confidence is what explains that there is an element that is smart and live where everything ultimately depends on its existence," added Williams, who also cited his comments pages of The Daily Telegraph, Friday, September 3, 2010.

"Physical Science by itself will not answer the question why there than gone," continued Williams. He criticized Hawking's statement that, "Because there is a law like gravity, the universe can and will create their own."

Williams also could not figure out with a statement 68-year-old scientist was that "the spontaneous creation is a reason why there than gone, why the universe exists, why we exist."

Besides Williams, the criticism also came from other religious leaders, like leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in England, Lord Sacks, and Ibrahim Mogra, chairman of the Muslim Council of England. Told The Times, Lord Sacks rate that science is an explanation, while religion is about interpretation.

Through her new book will be published Sept. 9, "The Grand Design," Hawking confront Isaac Newton's conviction - as well as Hawking's own view - that the universe including the Earth was formed due to divine intervention.

In summary the book first published the British daily, The Times, Hawking challenged Newton's theory that the universe is definitely not designed by God for this phenomenon may emerge from chaos. Latest book was written with the American physicist Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow.

Not just this one time override Hawking proposed the concept of God in his theory. In an interview with British television station, Channel 4, June, Hawking admitted to not believe that there is a God is "personal."

"The question is, if so how the universe began to be chosen by God for reasons we can not understand, or if it is determined by a scientific proposition?" I believe the second one, "said Hawking was in the program" Genius of Britain. "

"If you want, you can call the scientific postulates that 'the Lord." But not as a personal God who can you go and you ask, "continued Hawking.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Palace of the World's Oldest

A 5000-year-old palace discovered in eastern Turkey, the oldest palace in the world, will become an open air museum in June, semi-governmental news agency, Anatolia, reported on Thursday. Palace found below ground in Aslantepe tumulus, an ancient settlement in the village Orduzu, Malatya Province, was built in 3300 BC, and the restoration of the palace will be completed in the current year, said Marcella Frangipane, a professor of archeology at the University of La Spienza Italy and chairman excavation team in Aslantepe, Anatolia said.

According to him, the museum will show how an ancient country in Aslantepe began to be built and how the state system dijalankan.Ia explained, the excavation team had found the ceiling of every room of the palace with a roof to protect the building.

Traces of a temple, a courtroom and the hallways are found in the palace, while the seals were found there which indicates the existence of bureaucracy at the time, said Frangipane.Peradaban ended with a fire, but traces of the palace very important for humanity, he said.